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Bye Bye Barnacle is currently the only proven permanently installed flush unit on the market

Due to the problems in maintenance of removing barnacles from plumbing, air-conditioning and refrigeration heat exchangers, AugustWorks LLC has engineered and developed a flush unit called Bye Bye Barnacle (patent pending) which is permanently installed in the mechanical space of your vessel. This ensures a trouble-free maintenance experience. With Bye Bye Barnacle, the systems need to be flushed every 1 ½ months to avoid buildup of marine growth especially in warm waters and warmer climates. The flush unit is plumbed into the supply and return manifolds of the air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The flush unit is plumbed to on board fresh water system for filling and pumped overboard for draining contents overboard. Discover why F&S Boatworks, Weaver Boatworks, and Hinckley Yacht Services rave about this latest innovation in flush systems.

Technical Specifications


  • 115v 15amps 60hz

  • 5 foot long, 3 prong cord


  • Supply and return connections – 1” barb or PVC

  • Overboard drain connection – 1” barb or PVC

  • Fresh water connection on ½ npt


  • Mount the unit on leveled shelf with ¼” stainless steel fasteners in mechanical space of the vessel

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Plumbing Requirements


This unit is a must-have for any sportfish boat operation. You will never have to stress about your A.C. systems. It is especially nice when travelling, and it saves the boss thousands of dollars every year.
— Capt. Tucker, F&S Special Situation '78

Beneficial Features

Yearly Cost for Flushing System:

(Systems should be flushed every 45 days — 9 flushes per year)

  • Each flush using Bye Bye Barnacle uses an average of 2 gallons of Trac Barnacle Buster Concentrate (depending on amount of systems)

  • Pre-flush hookup attachment to flush unit using dock water pressure and flow to remove silt and mud from systems before flushing systems with Trac Barnacle Buster Concentrate

  • Bye Bye Barnacle flush unit only takes about 2 to 2 ½ hours to flush systems on vessel, depending on the amount of systems; contractors can sometimes take all day to flush systems

  • 1 year warranty on flush unit

Custom Manifolds: We build custom seawater air conditioning manifolds

Give us a call and we will gladly engineer and design a layout on your supply and return manifolds for you.

  • Manifolds are made from schedule 80 PVC with full flow ball valves.

  • Give us the amount of zones to install on manifolds.

  • Dedicate where you want overboard shut off valve and supply shut off valve from A.C. pump on manifolds.

  • Decide where you want the bye-bye barnacle flush unit supply and return valves on manifolds.

  • We install cooling tower hook up valves on supply and return manifolds.


9-zone manifolds with flush unit & cooling tower hookups:

15-valve system with flush unit & cooling tower hookups:

9-valve system with flush unit:

Photos & Video

Installed Units

Usage & Procedure

About AugustWorks

F&S Boatworks

F&S Boatworks

Since 2003, I have been serving as a mechanic with the all the mechanicals throughout the building custom sportfish boats for F&S Boatworks. It was during this time that we discovered a need for an AC Flush System Unit that could be permanently installed in the mechanical space of vessel. In addition, we wanted to make come up with a simple operational unit in which we could flush AC Systems. From these ideas, the Bye Bye Barnacle Flush Unit was developed.

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